Why is Groove Axis the Right Choice for Wealth Management?

A holistic solution that helps you develop a balanced approach to planning for your future

Investor Profile

Review your current situation: family, employment, assets, expenses, tax, insurance and more.

Risk Profile

Assess your risk tolerance based on your investor profile and unique constraints.

Wealth Goals

Set wealth goals targeting short-term, mid-term and long-term retirement needs and family legacy.

Investment Options

Select investment options aligned with your wealth goals and risk tolerance.

Performance Tracking

Monitor your financial picture and track progress towards your wealth goals.

Portfolio Balancing

Periodically review your situation and reassess risk and goals if needed.

Modern tools put you in control of your financial future

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Pre-built calculators that use your income, expenses, taxes, insurances and future needs to build a complete financial plan.

Automated Investment Management

Build custom portfolios to meet your objectives and setup automated deposits to fund and adjust your investments.

Integrated Links to Banking and Expenses

Automatic updates from your bank accounts and other financial institutions to provide a full view of your financial position.

Ongoing Achievement of Wealth Goals

Get automatic updates to track progress toward your goals and identify when changes may be needed to get back on track.

Simple Fee Structure

$0 Trading

No fees for ETFs and over-the-counter trades

0.30% Advisory Fee

Annual fee paid quarterly as a percentage of total assets under management (AUM). Minimum fee of $60/year.